Staff Officers

Full General
John Bell Hood

Appointed at the Battlefield of Gettysburg Pennsylvania
by General Robert Edward Lee and his Generals
on the first day of july in the year of our Lord 2011

Full Colonel "Benjamin Franklin Terry" Tony Schoenmakers
Lieutenant Colonel "Thomas L Lubbock" Yves De Backere
Major "Thomas Harrison" Luc Pieters
Sergeant "Thomas Coleman Younger" Jamy Van Den Borre


De onderstaande stafleden dienen nog ingevuld te worden .
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Sergeant Major
Quartermaster Sergeant
Assistant Quartermaster
Ordnance Sergeant
Commissary Sergeant.

Medical Department dient nog ingevuld te worden.
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Hospital Stewart

Army of Northern Virginia
Military Telegraph

To :
General John B. Hood.

I agree with you in believing that our army
would be invincible if it could be properly
organized and officered. There never were
such men in an army before. They will go
anywhere and do anything if properly led.
But there is the difficulty-proper

I shall endeavor to seek those leaders from our
ranks and encourage all officers and enlisted
men to be ever vigilant of the fact that there is
a true glory and a true honor: the glory of
duty done- the honor of integrity of

Pleas continue to be aware of your command,
knowing of the liberty given you for promotion
and my confidence of your selection.

R. E. Lee